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Dundalk, Count Louth


Strategic Housing Development

Project Type:

Unit Nos:
158 & 1 Creche

This was the first scheme in County Louth to be granted through the new planning system for Strategic Housing Developments. The design had to take into consideration significant site constraints including a stream, flooding concerns and 8,200sqm of archaeological features while also addressing infrastructural & archaeological features external to the site and a proposed material contravention of the development plan.

The design provides for 1 no crèche and 158 units through a variety of conventional housing and apartment accommodation designed to take advantage of their location within the site.  The design looks to link the 2 main focal points in/adjacent to the site (the stream and graveyard) through a primary vista in the scheme and from here link to the main amenity space along the stream.  It looks to incorporate into the local context through new pedestrian linkages in and out of the site while also enhancing existing ones. 

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